Monday, November 24, 2008

2007 XS finishes

I hope I do this right LOL But here they are...

Memories- Silver Lining 32ct over 1
Memories-SilverLining- Finished 12-27-07

French Heart
French Heart Finished 11-25-07

SMO- Thistle Doodle 28ct over 1
SanMan Thistle Doodle

Mystic Stitch- King of the Hill
Mystic Stitch- King Of The Hill

Crossed Wing Collection- Red Bird- JCS Ornie Issue 2007
CWC- RedBird JCS Ornie 2007

Lorri Birmingham- Sweetheart Tin cover & Tiny Rose
Lorri B- Tiny Rose & Sweetheart Tin

Sweetheart Tree- Sparkling Heart
Sweetheart Tree- Sparkling Heart Framed

Sweetheart Tree- Celtic Cross
Sweetheart Tree- Celtic Cross Framed

Sweetheart Tree- Snowflakes in the Pines turned into a biscornu
Sweetheart Tree- Snowflakes in the Pines into a Biscornu

Lorri Birmingham- Butterflies and Hearts
Lorri B- Butterflies and Hearts

Country Cottage Needleworks- Rose Cottage over 1
CCN0 Rose Cottage over one

Country Cottage Needleworks- My Beloved
CCN- My Beloved finished 5-30-07

PolStitches- Sweet Dreams Hardanger (My first attempt!)

Sweetheart Tree- Enchanted made into a biscornu

Chatelaine- Martina's Roses made into biscornu

Chateline- Debs Roses made into a pin cushion

Twisted threads- You and No other

I think that about wraps up 2007... didnt get much done that year.. probably because I spent 3 months working on Mystic Stitch King of the Hill for my mom and dad.

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